Life Readings

Parama offers a unique form of life coaching, business consulting and services to help manage stress and find solutions.

Krista offers a unique form of personal coaching, business consulting and services to help manage stress and find solutions.

As author of the eBook series Ascended Master Readings, I have provided intuitive Life Readings to friends around the world for many years….

A Life Reading can provide helpful insights, offer practical solutions, and help relieve stress. A Life Reading is a method of communication using intuition for the purpose of receiving real-time information and guidance for the life an individual or an organization:

  • Business consulting for organizations seeking solutions and assistance with visioning, planning, and business strategy
  • Personal counseling for individuals seeking answers to specific questions and/or guidance in various aspects of life (relationships, health, career, finances, etc.)
  • Wellness retreats and workshops for large or small groups

Please click here if you would like to request a Life Reading.

From an early age I have received distinct, intuitive “impressions” of people, places, and situations via clairvoyant messages, visual symbols, and movie-like sequences of images or information. Over the years, I have refined this therapeutic process to one that requires no physical contact, only a request for me to access the information on behalf of an individual or group of people who may or may not be physically present.

I consider this work to be a special gift, and I am grateful to be able to assist people in this way.

“I received a Life Reading from Parama just a few short days ago. I am reading and re-reading all the guidance you are offering, and it is profound for me to see my path so clearly in front of me through this reading. A path my soul has long known, and it is nothing new to me, yet to see it written out by a person who does not know me in the physical, is tremendously powerful. I no longer have to spend energy questioning if I can trust my intuition in regards to my path, and can just simply be on it. Thank you from my heart and spirit.” —K.F., Life Coach, Vermont


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